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Nomads Running Club - Mississauga, Ontario

Formally named and organized in 2004 with the amalgamation of independent groups of local runners, Nomads became and remains a collective of runners who are brought together with a common reason...because we enjoy the sport.  Nomads Running members gather for fitness; some to train, to compete and to test their limits, some we see simply to join in on our friendly, social running atmosphere.

Everyone is welcome; you’ll find runners with consecutive Boston Marathon streaks approaching 26, 21 and 16 years, and you’ll find runners who couldn’t care less about ever running another race.  We have options for Social Runs, Long Runs, Interval Workouts and find our way to a few destinations for Road Trip Races.

We proudly have no fees nor obligations.  If you join us just once a year or if you run with Nomads every day, we hope you’ll find a running club with experienced members who advocate camaraderie and mentoring.  With training opportunities nearly every day of the week, Nomads always welcomes newcomers.