Nomads Running Club - Mississauga, Ontario

Formally named and organized in 2004 with the amalgamation of independent groups of local runners, Nomads became and remains a collective of runners who are brought together with a common reason... (more)

Sunday Group Runs

The best introduction to Nomads would be our Sunday morning group runs.  Newcomers will find a variety of paces and distances available to them.  (Read more)

Wednesday Track Work

Indoor and outdoor track sessions occur year-round, with Nomads Running meeting from April thru October at Loyola track, and indoors during the winter at the 200m track in the Mississauga YMCA, where a membership or day pass is required for access.  (Read more)

Other group training options

Some Nomads members get together most days of the week in smaller groups, often based on mutually convenient schedules.  A 10 -12km Saturday morning group run is open to all, with more information available here.  Our other running options are best discussed when meeting Nomads, to determine pace, distance and location compatibility!

As well....

Nomads Running is a proud supporter of the annual Bread and Honey Road Races, 5 and 15k, held in Streetsville, each June!

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